I have known Dave for almost 50 yrs now. Even though we have been separated by miles we have maintained a strong bond. Dave has been a loyal and true friend and confidant. The Dave Schmitt described by those at the DEQ at the trial was not the Dave I know. Though I was not in Oklahoma to witness I can attest to the character of the man and the portrayal presented was not the man I know. The man I know is a passionate and dedicated man who though not always given the easiest of paths in life has always maintained a keen sense of humor and the drive to complete whatever task was presented. My wife and I thought enough of Dave to ask him to be the Godfather at our daughters Baptism a task Dave happily took on. When I read of Dave being “intimidating” or being a “bully” I honestly laughed out loud. If you would accuse Dave of being sarcastic I would agree he is wonderfully sarcastic it is that sarcastic wit that has helped maintain our friendship. Dave can be passionate in his beliefs and never walked away from an argument but has never been a threatening person. When I read these types of falsehoods it makes me wonder what the real problem is, why create a false narrative? In closing I ask all who read to know that David Schmitt is one of the most decent men I know and if you can support him in anyway please do so for his plight could some day be yours!
Jim Zahren