I first met David Schmitt approximately twenty years ago at the Church of the Nativity in Menlo Park, CA. Dave has a PhD in biology, and I have a PhD in electrical engineering so we each had an appreciation for the importance of science and technology. In addition, we shared interests in politics, faith and the state of our society, and as a result, we spent many evenings discussing these and other topics over coffee.

After several years, Dave got the opportunity to move to Stockholm, to do research at the Karolinska Institute. He was there for several years and we stayed in touch. At one point, I spent a week visiting Dave in Stockholm and got to meet a number of his fellow scientists as well as his friends from church. He was always very enthusiastic about the work that he was doing and he seemed to have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. That and his considerable intelligence make him a talented and accomplished researcher.

Dave and I have remained in close communication over the years, including visits between Oklahoma and California, and I have always been impressed with his honesty, diligence and his intellectual curiosity. During the years in which he has worked in the water quality area, we have kept in close contact, both by telephone and email. His scientific approach to his work enabled him to impact the department in meaningful ways, both through his innovation in developing/improving procedures as well as in working to ensure that strict protocols regarding water safety were followed.

Dave is a strong and resourceful man who can always be counted on to keep his word and to strive to do his best at whatever task he undertakes. I admire him and support his efforts to assure that the people of Oklahoma have safe drinking water.