A critical thing about exposing the corruption and bad practices of a governmental agency are the informants from the inside of the agency or citizens that have particular knowledge of misbehavior, crimes or ill-treatment by the agency or individuals acting in their capacity as agents of bodies such as the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.

If you are a member of the regulated community of individuals, businesses or governmental agencies with knowledge of wrongdoing to you or others, this information is also helpful.

If you have information that will assist in our legal cases against the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, or if you have information leading to the  successful prosecution of criminal charges or disbarment of attorneys engaged in activities in violation of their duties as officers of the court, please contact me.

I am currently trying to establish rewards for significant information leading to the abovementioned successful outcomes.

If you have concerns about confidentiality, or if you would like to speak with my attorney directly, this can be addressed.  Just indicate this in your correspondence or message.

If you have helpful information and work for other State agencies, the Federal government, the U.S. EPA or local governments–in any of the fifty states or territories–please fell free to get in touch with me.

You may contact me in any number of ways.

1/3. Send me an email:

You may reach me via email at sequoiadave@gmail.com.

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