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I am currently involved in both administrative and civil legal actions against the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.  I will try to provide as many details of my particular case as I can as we move through the legal process.  Of course, you realize, great consideration has to be given to what my lawyer and I are able to disclose at each step, but I am confident that at each step of revelation, you will find the story intriguing and useful.

I also began a collaboration with the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office (at the time under Mr. Scott Pruitt, now head of the United States Environmental Protection Agency) and a Multi-county Grand Jury Attorney.   Regarding specific matters of possible investigation, I must at present hold in reserve.

I believe that the elucidation of the facts of my case will have great benefit in a number of areas of public policy and the relationship of citizens to their government, in general, and with regard to water safety and public health, specifically.  This is a parallel opportunity to that of the Michigan DEQ regarding its Flint, Michigan Water Scandal, whereby insights gained can help “fix the plumbing” in these agencies.

It is high time to shine a bright light on the Oklahoma DEQ and its Water Quality Division.