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Dear Supporter in the Fight for Clean Water and clean Government, my losses and debts toward this cause are soaring towards $200,000. I need about $80,000 to make up for some very pressing legal fees, bills and to pay off various, patient creditors. Whatever donation amount that you can offer would help and would be greatly appreciated. You can select any multiple of $5.00 that you like. My monthly expenses are around $1,500. That does not cover medical insurance, which I do not currently have. I have given much. Please help your dedicated, diligent and honest public servant.


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My legal expenses, losses and debt liabilities fighting for you as an Integrity & Knowledge Professional, have soared above $100,000 and are now heading towards $200,000 quite rapidly.  It is not the public’s duty to make me whole in all regards–that is for my lawyer and myself to try and at least partially accomplish.  But my lawyer has patiently forgone payment for over a year and does need funds to keep his operation going.  He has provided excellent and diligent service to me and to this cause.  What is more, I need living expenses.  Help pump some flow into that “T” joint!

I have suffered more than monetary losses.  I have been defamed by this agency and some of its employees.  The meritless assault has been brutal, as one might imagine that the agency will try to neutralize my work in exposing their wrongdoing.

This suite of legal cases that I am bringing against Oklahoma DEQ, and perhaps subsequent investigations by proper authorities, forms an apt expositional set along with that of the Flint Water Debacle and the parallel Michigan DEQ, some employees of which have had felony charges filed against them.

I have assumed great risks and losses over many years, to act as your civil servant protecting Drinking Water.  But I considered it my duty as as a public official to press these cases.  I have lost everything and am in serious debt, at age 60, for my efforts.  I must, in justice, repay my debts.

The button at the top of the page is the easiest.  Select the multiple of $5.00 that you would like to send, 1 x $5.00 or 200 x $5.00 or any other multiple–all are appreciated.

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If you prefer to send an email message, please use waterwhistleblower824@gmail.com as my address.

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