We have talked much here at waterwhistleblower.org about government corruption.  Here is another social institution that has needed correction in its bureaucracy. The predisposition of many to not criticize the bishops is deep and strong.  I have found my criticism of the episcopate over a number of issues over the years to have caused significant uneasiness with even my closest friends.  Needless to say, it has caused some friction with some churchmen–even good churchmen who see any questioning as an assault.


One thought on “Whistleblowing Having Great Effect: the Catholic Church And Its Persistent Scandal

  1. As Fr. Vallone, a good priest in McKees Rocks, PA said, many parishioners have gone from angry to enraged. In my opinion, there are probably very few straight men who will enter the seminaries in the near future. We need to allow priests to marry and women to become priests. The “old boy network” needs to end!!


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