I have opportunity to speak with a growing number of those who have been battered by their attempts to carry out their jobs well or to act as a whistleblower and–in turn–have received harsh treatment because of it.  Some have lost everything in order to serve the public or simply to serve righteousness.  To those who have been harmed by a mobbing organization, I offer this entertaining little clip that I found on Twitter.  It can be useful as an encouragement by natural analogy to all of those who have been abused by some larger organization, left beaten by a legal system indifferent to truth and justice, and ignored by those who were cowardly to the point of complicity.

When injustice comes around to you–and it most likely will–know that there is a divine court.  Fight via all of the legitimate means available to you if you must and can, but in your heart turn it over to the decrees of the most honorable judge.  Out of seemingly nowhere his sentence can be executed upon the offenders and you need not be present for either the sentencing or punishment.  If fact, it is better that you not be present or knowledgeable of the consequences set to meet your malicious opponents.  It is best that you have no hand or will in his retribution–as if it were possible anyway.  Ignorance and noninvolvement will settle your heart and your conscience.  Your separation from payback will protect your soul.  “Vengeance is the Lord’s,” is the old wisdom.  Many times, I have learned–sometimes long after the fact–that troublesome malefactors have received reward based not on what they did to me, but based on what they continued to do having escaped punishment in what they did to me. Habits die hard, and this is the true definition of the Greek concept of tragedy. “Pray for your enemies,” is another benevolent command of ancient sagacity well intended to disentangle you and to remove you safely to the periphery of the whirlwind of calamity set to befall wrongdoers.

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