Across America, citizens are subjected to Stalinist methods in their workplaces and communities.  I feel grateful that I have never owned a television.  I am not filling my mind with horrific, and in many cases fanciful, stories of crime in programs like C.S.I.  or ridiculous heroes without virtues. Videos of flash mobs assembling at shopping malls to sing ‘Silent Night’ maybe heartwarming, but it reveals the capacity of modern humans to destroy individuals instantaneously based on absurd and false pretenses.

Workplace mobbers find great utility in the human capacity for hysteria in manufacturing terrible rumors.  Workplace mobbing, by definition, is organizational, managed injustice and abuse.  The power of electronic media and a populace that has been robbed of understanding of the concept of the virtues (ask them to name and distinguish the natural, cardinal and the theological virtues), much less exercise of them.  For all of the information available, both knowledge of important things and the seeking of wisdom have not progressed in any great degree–indeed–have suffered.

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