Here is another whistleblower’s story.  Consider his case, help him–and consider mine as well, at this website.  This is not a competition among whistleblowers for your support.  It should be–if I might be so bold as to say so–a competition among the concerned Citizenry of free nations to fight the various forms of tyranny that do not have your best interest at heart–it should be a competition among you to outdo each other in generosity. I have lost everything to fight this fight honestly, nobly and with courage.  This kind of sacrifice of a genuine civil servant is second only to that of some missionaries and many military warriors.

Many government workers are bad.  I have photos of deadwood in the agency from where I came, the Oklahoma DEQ, who daily slept for long periods of time.  Often, that might have been when they were most productive.  But I was targeted and violated for trying to uphold standards of integrity for state implementation of the Federal Safe Drinking Water standards in a dishonest and improperly secretive government agency.

To read about Peter Ridd:

And to read about my case:

Crowdfunding Appeal for Legal Campaign

UPCOMING: “We Will Live with Increased Risk of Water-borne Illness” –Director of Water Quality at Oklahoma DEQ

There are other articles and titles of upcoming articles.  (Some topics I can only announce, but not provide details for because of ongoing and expected investigation and litigation.)

I will soon have the transcripts of legal proceedings and documents to date that show the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality engaged in corrupt practices.  Further, I will demonstrate that I endured several years of quiet, compliant and obedient efforts to engage management, the Oklahoma Inspector General’s office, and was collaborating with the Oklahoma State Attorney General’s office (then Scott Pruitt) and Grand Jury Attorney at the time of my wrongful, and “probably illegal” termination.

I urgently ask your help for my legal expenses for any whistleblower cause that you are concerned with.  I hope mine, will appeal to some of you.  One can break my needs down into parcels or phases.  I have an immediate need for $4,000 for a second attorney’s fees.  I have a need for $35,000 to cover outstanding legal bills.  My personal losses and other debts have soared beyond $150,000.

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