The type of harm that occurred at the U.S. Marine Corp’s Camp Lejeune, much like the deadly collapse of a new bridge for foot traffic on a Florida campus, does not occur without the malfeasance of look-the-other-way authorities, irresponsible officials or employees frightened into not “making waves.”  Someone knew better but neither spoke, nor acted, based on their concern.

This website,, is an effort to

(1) catalogue and expose corruption that result in government agencies concerned with water safety and public health matters; 

(2) identify and historically remember, as each generation is recruited into civic life, the systemic causes whereby governmental bodies comes to fail in their mandated missions;

(3) taxonomically catalogue the modes of corruption and abuse employed by bureaucracies in government, corporations and various other organizations to retain power by abusing honest and competent civil servants, the integrity professionals, employees, whistleblowers, and members of the general public that ostensibly they serve;

(4) expose the corrupt, abusive and shielding roles of investigatory, adjudicatory, judicial and legal systems without which illegitimate and unjust practices could not thrive as they do in our legally and organizationally upside-down nations.

(5) in particular, increase awareness of how (a) abusive authority, malignant obedience*, judicially manufactured defamation, corruption of due process, intimidation and perjury as well as (b) workplace mobbing, slow murder & neutralization (An Introduction to Workplace Mobbing), are employed as instruments for producing pernicious compliance based on paycheck bribery and covert, and not-so-covert, threats, coercion and harassment.

(6) seek solutions that:

(a) bring about continual and ongoing bureaucratic reform;

(b) give plaintiff’s lawyers new tools for fighting workplace mobbing;

(c) promoting new tools for maintaining canaries in the mineshaft, such as electrophysiological assessment of safety and toxicity of effluents, groundwater and drinking water.  Perhaps both private interests and governmental regulators would prefer not to “know too much.” What happens to those who believe in open and transparent research and communication (GoFundMe Site for Legal Campaign Against Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality: “The Other Flint”);

(d) promote the honorable and courageous role that whistleblowers and integrity professionals play;

(e) make bureaucrats personally liable for malfeasance, abuse, corruption and incompetence;

(f) inculcate notions of the high honor, power and responsibility of the role of Citizen, not as a unit of potential or argued special interest, but as a reasoned guardian of the Public, Common Good.

Well, I think you can handle the truth.  We are going to fix bad government in our nations.


*malignant obedience (really a form of irresponsible obsequiousness), is no more than a cowardly acquiescence to a known lesser cause (declining from any virtue, especially prudence)–or perhaps even to a wrongful cause–when there is a clearly contrary, higher good that may be effectively followed, albeit possibly at personal cost.  Technically, such conformity to positional commands or instructions in violation of positive law from which the very human authority is claimed and asserted, cannot be considered obedience proper, but for convenience and custom the term, obedience, could be used loosely if qualified as malignant obedience.  Mechanisms need to be in place for serious, reasoned dissent and whistleblowing.  Formal recognition must be made, especially in technical organizations and moreover in agencies concerned with public health and safety, for professional activities and communication in which material support is supplied even though moral support can neither be offered nor demanded.

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