This will not be the time–given the current stage of particular litigation–to expose in full what the residents of Oklahoma and the American Citizenry will see when the curtains of government are pulled back.  They will see in detail how bureaucratic players protect their own interests at odds with those of public’s interest in health, expectations of civil service from those in government, and how government parasites can manipulate bureaucratic gimmicks of self preservation in order to destroy honest and dedicated integrity professionals who threaten exposure of their practices.

But till then, let me set the stage for the Oklahoma-Flint Exposé” by permitting you to ruminate upon Stefan Molyneux’s probing of the murky and sordid aspects of the Chappaquiddick story of the killing of a young woman.  This 1969 was yet another lurching toward the embrace of fraud and corruption that we see so rampant in American government at the federal, state and local levels.  Oh, how government officials have created a bureaucratic machine for lying, perjury and defaming  (they think with impunity).   Organizations –especially governmental agencies–have learned

to use utilize the nefarious tactics of workplace mobbing to control, and if necessary destroy, any employee that they fear will expose the agency for what it is, or if unscrupulous agency leaders have a personal grudge or animus.  An Introduction to Workplace Mobbing

Because a variety of social and cultural forces in the West, and thus within the United States, bureaucratic agencies have come to be influenced by the empowerment of individuals who, in other periods, would not have been selected for positions of leadership and influence.  But let us not be historically naïve–corruption, malfeasance, incompetence, malice and injustice are not new to human, institutional and organizational life.   At times, societies have been either better or worse at managing, subduing, censuring or punishing the ever-present, recurring dark forces.  When weakened societies lose their capacity to make virtues a prominent basis for personal, institutional and political life, then the good suffer.  The good, represented in presentations here at this Water Whistleblower site as the integrity professionals, are unjustly made the target-victims of prominent agents and a broadly debased contextual system–including the corrupted adjudicatory systems.

Fortunately, here in Oklahoma at the legislative level, discussions are beginning to allow whistleblowers to circumvent the intentionally encumbering “legal” processes of the Merit Protection Commission.  In truth, this latter organization can without exaggeration be characterized as a moat of protection around the state agencies that prevents good men and women from doing their duty to serve the higher good of the People of the State by whose authority government was, and is, empowered in the first place.


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