Please watch and self-educate yourself about the larger political historical pattern with this video by Alan Watt, leading up to his discussion of the thinking of Charles Galton Darwin:

Of course, I do not agree with everything Mr. Watt espouses, and I hope you critically examine everything that anyone presents you.  But his arguments, upon further study of the literature and history, may lead me to a greater acceptance of his work.  Nonetheless,  his understanding of societal, political, corporo-governmental and historical forces and trends is prescient.  To ignore much of what Watt explains is, I believe, folly.

The one-time independently minded citizenry is slowly, inter-generationally being groomed to be better and better “farm animals,” so to speak.  Compliance is the never-ending topic of the bureaucratic enforcement worker.

I have only come to understand it better since my time in government.  But having been inside, it is clear to objectively analyze why agencies such as the one I worked for acted as though it was necessary to destroy certain types of integrity workers.

Integrity workers and independently spirited citizens are a threat to the plans of those who consider themselves the elite. Workplace mobbing is a technique used to purge organizations of those who are threats to the conformist participants, as individuals and their organizations.  In light of the attached talk by Alan Watt, workplace mobbing is a tool of control, it is a terroristic device and it is a eugenic technique.  Workplace mobbing is a breeding technique when considered as a broad policy.

Please visit and consider supporting the excellent, sacrificial work of Mr. Watt.  We owe him much.  Visit his site here:


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