Workplace mobbers have access to the tropes and memes popular in common culture, or that is, the artificial, manipulated culture of the electronic and broadcast Medium (news, entertainment, sports, Hollywood, literature, and academic propaganda).  Critical thinkers know to treat these cultural devices skeptically.  However workplace mobbers take the low road.  They understand perfectly well that the dirty game of workplace mobbing is about perceptions–generally false perceptions–and that truth does not matter, but what matters to managers, staff and the organization’s lawyers is what works–regardless of truth. If they had due cause to terminate an employee or expel a member, there should be plenty of sound personnel policies in place to do that effectively.

Unfortunately, powerful tropes exist, raised to hysterical levels, created by “fake news.”  Even the disreputable “news” technique of sock puppeting can be witnessed in frequent use by mobbers to circumvent the target’s right to due process and to manufacture fraudulent narratives to harm the target.

Bureaucracies and academic have been laboratories for those wishing to de-masculinize test environments.  Individualism; creativity; innovativeness; high intellectual and professional standards for competence, interlocutory skill, and dogged commitment to getting the right answer in service to the organization’s mission are all career liabilities for employees of both sexes–but I believe that men are particularly vulnerable.  This vulnerability is mentioned in the video below, an interview of Suzanne Venker by Stefan Molyneux..

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