Mobbing a typical tool use against honest whistleblowers in government.  Mobbing is an integral tool in the kit of corrupt bureautyrants.  But mobbing is a device employed in another institutional expression of our civic life: academia.  Academia overlaps greatly–all too greatly–with, and is often an outright extension of, government.

In academia, the current trend is overwhelmingly to discriminate against conservative and traditionally-minded professors–and students.  Graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and clinical interns are also, if not more, vulnerable.  Why?   The clear answer is that, unlike undergraduates with parents potentially capable of lawyering up and who donate to colleges & universities, the proto-professionals are well down the road toward their professional careers.  Like the pig and the chicken deliberating ham & eggs for breakfast, the aspiring academics are like the pig–they are committed.  The post-college folks are generally “on their own,” living essentially adult lives, starting families, risking life opportunities and having to pay rent out of their own pockets–or future pockets.

All that a thesis or dissertation advisor, mentor or mob of other significant power figures in the young professional’s life has to do is take their foot off of that young intellectual’s career-gas pedal.  No braking is required, but it is–of course–always available as an added option to politically or personally malicious actors lacking due cause to terminate a candidate.

We need to get to where one day, mobbing of government integrity professionals, as well as controversial academics, who should be providing society with a critical contribution of intellectual diversity or countering opinions, is seen as a prosecutable act with legal ramifications potentially bearing civil, and even criminal, punishments depending upon the facts and severity of abuse.

There need to be sanctions–and again legal liabilities–for currently shielded bureaucrats, investigators, government lawyers and judges who wrongfully enable mobbing behaviors against whistleblowers and academics.

Remember, mobbing does not happen without complicity (active or tactic), designing conspiracy, intent to harm, defamation by slander and/or libel, dishonest personnel actions or a broad pattern of malice.

Even if mobbing does not result in the physical death (suicide, loss of critical health insurance and care, loss of means of physical support, loss of social support–and in a few cases by homicide) of the targeted-victim, it in many cases does place the target at risk of this whole assortment.  Workplace mobbing is thus an act of reckless endangerment of the target-victim by provoking and coordinating governmental managers; co-workers; feckless human “resources”/personnel officers;  agency officials; as well as commissioners and judges charged with protecting workers under “merit” rules.  Usually, the activities of such are cynically executed with the most disingenuous of euphemisms, biases decisions, tendentious pronouncements and empty codifications. In short–mobbing people are blatantly malfeasant and should be ineligible for continued service, such as it is.

On Twitter, former California State University/Long Beach psychology professor, Kevin MacDonald linked this article by Kyle Smith of the New York Post entitled, Conservative professors must fake being liberal or be punished on campus

Please visit this article.

It is time to end this hideous abuse called workplace mobbing and the expulsion of intellectual diversity from our–OUR–campuses.

Mobbers are individuals who are pathologically incapable of engaging in dialogue.  Mobbers resort to passive aggressive violence (or even not-so “passive” aggressive violence”) when they are challenged by their own recognition of the inadequacy of their thought processes and belief systems.  Mobbing, in the Shannon-Weaver schema of transmitter, channel and receiver, requires a receiver tuned to the transmitter’s falsities.  The receiver then provides another function essential to a the toxic process of mobbing: receivers act as  fraudulent repeaters, echoing or feeding back a dubious signal that, at least locally and temporarily, simulates verification and corroboration.

Mobbers are brutes in an institutional beater shirt hiding in shameful cowardice behind the organizational shields of governmental, private and academic life.  Such individuals of dubious character actually seem to gravitate toward the upward career tracks of bureaucracies.  They seem to have honed their abusive tactics to escape technicalities of administrative rules and may have learned how to camouflage their covert and devious machinations behind politically-correct memes, jargon, “buzz” and dark Zeitgeists.

Mobbers are not critical thinkers or capable conversationalists.  Please see,

Mobbers are inarticulate and immature in their capacity to act as interlocutors, managers, government lawyers, judges, politicians or knowledge experts in responsible positions of authority.  In academia–it should be needless to say–professorial and administrative mobbers–whose whole life should be heroically devoted to honest thought and courageous and accurate speech–have no legitimate place.

Because such persons occupying academic positions are committing what is, essentially, intellectual malfeasance–they should be censured or removed.  Yes, even removed.  But removed not by the always-illegitimate means of mobbing, but via due-process means termination.






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