Experts in the emerging field of workplace mobbing recount a growing catalogue of stories how these phony in-house investigatory personnel practices are.  One dirty trick is for agency investigators to demand an employee who has filed a complaint to provide the investigators with a list of all the employees with whom the employee interacts to submit a list of others with whom the complainant interacts–as if the aggrieved party is the guilty party.

Well, do not be naïve.  You know perfectly well what happens when that list is supplied in good faith.  Most likely the “friends” of the aggrieved will be contacted, “interviewed,” and the result will be intimidation of those “friends of a complainer.”  Methodically, the soon to be former friends will be peeled away.

These are sinister techniques.

Get serious and get savvy—fast.  Learn about workplace mobbing.  I provide additional comments and links here:

An Introduction to Workplace Mobbing

And I would recommend that you consider getting a new job if you are young.  Most definitely get a lawyer if your are older and nearing retirement.  Do not assume government managers and lawyers are a moral and ethical bunch–especially if they are facing employment, legal or criminal repercussions.  And don’t buy the nonsense that they are “respected church-goers.”  They may be quite the immoral, dishonest frauds capable of almost anything.



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