Mr. Ortel expressed it well regarding the scam of the New World Order (NWO).  If I can dare add my humble two-cents worth, the New World Order is anything but an order.  It is precisely the undermining of the individual legal systems of any one nation that makes this ruse of the NWO so attractive as a concept to the international, non-national, and the anti-national crooks and murderers.

I currently live in Oklahoma, a state that was only recently founded, that is, in 1907.  Oklahoma as a political entity is only seven years older than was my father.  For a educative look not only into Oklahoman history, but a fascinating look into the concept of politics and legal theory, see a1957 work entitled, Law West of Fort Smith: A History of Frontier Justice in Indian Territory, 1834-1896, by Glenn Shirley.

To this day, Oklahoma is a fusion of multiple systems of law because of the existence of a hodgepodge and an overlay of tribal law, state law and U.S. federal law.  This was made clear to me working in a state agency tasked with enforcing–by reference–Federal code on the environment via the EPA while viewing itself as a buffer not only between the residents of Oklahoma but also between the native tribes and their system of law as independent nations.

I remember a lawyer friend telling me, “David, remember that many Oklahomans are the descendants of criminals and con artists.”  “Wow, that was harsh”–I thought–then a new arrival to Oklahoma and absolutely in love with my romantic visions of my new home and its history and people.  I tried reading whatever I could about the state.  I traveled around and made weekend stays in different parts of my adopted home.  As my first employer in Oklahoma (a Jewish man and out-of stater) lamented, the state’s moniker, “The Sooners,” is a direct reference to the cheaters in the Great Land Rush of 1889.

To bring this full circle, what the book, Law West of Fort Smith, did for me was it opened my eyes to a phenomenon that would continue into the gangster days of the Twentieth Century.  Oklahoma, because of its confused system of multiple legal systems, or even no well-established legal systems during the time when it was known as Indian Territory, had become the refuge of those in flight from the law from other jurisdictions around the United States and probably around the world.

With important elements of analogy, the NWO and globalism is an attempt to neutralize all of the nations of the world in a de-localized, world-wide, law-free zone.  The crafters of the NWO would not be content with having an isolated, geographic island to flee to.  History showed and is showing that internal, as well as outside, forces will try to seep into any such limited haven for the “legally free-spirited” with post-tightening rules intended to ultimately bring about complete subjugation by incremental codification.   No, the Big Boys, to use Alan Watt’s favorite term for the global and historical elite, see that the assurance of their free latitudes for action resides not in one place, but in all places by the elimination of the significance of place.

But individuals have place, and place is significant–at least for the majority of people.  and it is good for all of us that this is so.  The battle for customs, place, traditions, ethnic and ethic identity is being waged in every aspect of our lives and our institutions and organizations.

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