It is time to take the Red Pill.  It is time to resist.  Culture and society have been so corrupted that the institutionally defined, “Good People,” are really, very bad people.  There has been a massive inversion of goods.  Actual, good people–the honorable, the self-sacrificing, the genuinely compassionate (not the virtue signalers), the courageous, the diligent, the honest, the hard workers, the creative, the innovative problem solvers, the truly charitable–are punished in a sick system.

The corrupt, superficial, and vile are experts at cloaking themselves for PR events, con jobs, media hype, celebrity, mass approval, institutional approval, for being called ‘hot’, for being hailed in “the buzz,” and so on.   They have their reward.

Break free of this polluted system.  Wake up.  Only by doing so can we “No” to our own destruction.

Does this seem “over the top” to you?  Maybe you are simply not paying attention.


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