St. Augustine, in his grand work entitled, City of God, reminds his audience of the profound duty of obedience that the Christian subject owes any king or ruler.  This, naturally, holds true even in liberal, democratic republics–such as they may exist.  Nonetheless, this Doctor of the Church revered by most Christians, Catholics and non-Catholics, acknowledges that–not infrequently–the subject must not comply when there is a risk of grave moral or physical harm.  The rules of non-compliance are not trivial and may require that the conscientious objector submit to an unjust punishment in order to avoid granting moral and, or, material support when the matter is grave enough.

Whistleblowers, acting at their best, are generally individuals who have examined and attempted to find in-channel solutions to organization problems, malfeasance, violations of public trust, fraud, unlawful gain, corruption, abuse and an assortment of other wrongful behaviors by leaders of organizations.

Future challenges will have to be addressed and mastered in an era of the growing power of corporotyrants in addition to that of the usual lot of crooked government officials.  Terms of service agreements are employed to argue against due process and, in the United States, First Amendment rights.

I hope to be exploring all of these topics and more at this website.  Here is an interesting preparatory exercise in the form of a news story:

We can all be thankful that some brave individuals exercised their responsibilities in ways that have benefitted us all.


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