Working at Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality,  I was surrounded by hunters who relished early morning hours in the cold woods waiting to kill an animal.  I certainly have no problem with hunting, though I do not have a place for it in my already busy life.

But I can testify to the dishonesty of DEQ personnel and lawyers, with what seems likely to be disingenuous intent–based on an arguable interpretation of their actions in context–to smear and destroy its own with false accusation of the threat of violence.

Why?  Because this devious and defamatory tactic works as a technique of workplace mobbing and an illegitimate tactic of government abuse  (See:  An Introduction to Workplace Mobbing at this site.)

We have witnessed in the news recently how a perverse action of people immersed in deceit will project and camouflage those whom they have decided to target and–if possible–victimize.

A fuller expose of what would be considered tortuous tactics of the Oklahoma DEQ, were this agency unable to hide–in cowardly and nefarious fashion–behind the devious shields of bureaucracy that we have allowed agencies to hide behind.

I believe that when fully exposed, we will find that Oklahoma DEQ, like many agencies that we have seen–such as the FBI at its highest levels (at least)–are truly criminal organizations given a badge.  If you or I–or many business executives–did what public agencies do regularly to employees and the people they are charged to serve and protect, they would be sued, if not sent to prison.

It is time for the corrupted badges to come off.  Let’s make our nations healthy nations where the governments are limited and servants of the citizens.  In the United States, that was the understanding that we the people, at least, once had.



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