Though the discussion in this video was ignited by the two speaker’s focus on confusion in sexual behavior, key elements have general relevance for dissecting the corpse of corruption at the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.  There is the post-modernist rejection of categories, cultures of competence, and the primacy of objective evidence and decision making over hysterical claims of perception and institutionalized and unethical pandering to interests that confound good processes in protecting public health.

Valid hierarchy is an unquestionable good.  Maintaining valid hierarchy is difficult because our institutions are enmeshed in a broader culture that is under assault and has been disintegrated.  A point is reached at which organizations begin to attract and reward people with propensities to dishonesty.

Organizations that have gone bad are being protected by legal systems that have lost their moorings in Western legal jurisprudence.  One glaring example, and one mentioned in this video, is the loss of due process.

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