This was painful to listen to.  It was more painful given that I lived in (Redwood City), moved around (Palo Alto/Menlo Park, San Joaquin Valley, Pacheco Pass) and worked at (Sacred Heart Preparatory School) locations that Dr. Hanson mentions anecdotally.

At a Water Ethics conference at Viterbo University in Lacrosse, Wisconsin in 2015, I diagnosed the California Drought as really reducible to a more fundamental problem: illegal and legal immigration.  Neither my argument–nor I–was not a big hit.  I was particularly not a big hit with one engineer whose mission, as far as I can tell, was to get rid of concrete (viz., in water lingo, that means getting rid of the giant water resource and flood-control dams across America).  What I did not understand was that he, like many of the other attendees, were very keen on “welcoming the stranger” and denouncing Republicans.

Our progressive politicians are trapped, like the Irish Elk, on an evolutionary course that is likely to have a bad end.  These public figures seemingly cannot think in terms of ecological and engineering limits.  (Remember Small is Beautiful, by E. F. Schumacher?) That is puzzling and troubling given that these leaders, and the public that empowers, them supposedly espouse closed-system environmental ethics.  there is a disparity between their environmentalism and their runaway social progressivism.

Last year I paid attention to the Oroville Dam Crisis.  My proposed diagnosis of the nearly catastrophic failure of the dam involves a combination of multiple factors.

One was the decision making that could not get away from a inertia drought/no-spill-water thinking.  This was true despite the unusually heavy rainfall in the Northern California mountains of the Winter of 2016-2017.  The wet and the dry are periodic phases over years.

Next was the folly of importing so many migrants, not only for the demographic and social burden that this represents, but because of the shear burden of the non-organically expanded population that this represents.  Were we not told in the 1960s and 1970s that there was a population bomb?  Once one strips away the facade of pseudo social-justice naratives, is it surprising that those who are racially European, perceive–I daresay recognize, this  paradoxical ethic as nothing more than demographic replacement?

Presently, one quarter of California’a inhabitants were not born in the United States.  Moreover, one quarter of those immigrants are illegal aliens.  I maintain that it is not that the drought is unusual and devastating, it is that the natural and artifactual resources and systems, respectively, are taxed to their inherent capacity.  That is, the carrying capacity of California’s natural resources and infrastructure has been severely strained.

And lastly, from my point of view, the State of California has for decades committed itself to robbing the infrastructural Peter to pay the social & demographic fantasy of Paul.   Preventive and absolutely necessary ongoing maintenance was neglected as is typical given the cowardly bafoonery  of the “authorities” who pandered for votes and the approval of powerful political, religious and business interests.  All of the incentives that pertain to these topics are particularly ill-suited for mediocre leaders, whose numbers exponentially mushroom when demographic cohension and national will are eroded.  We are in a particularly ugly phase of institutional and bureaucratic senescence.  We can hope, perhaps, that the senescence is in reality part of a metamorphic transformation.  We can hope.

But, for better analysis, please watch the following.

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