The Peterson-Newman Interview appears here.  I have been insisting, as a result of recent rounds of Presidential interviews by disingenuous journalists, that the guest of the interview must insist on a format of true conversation.  That is, the guest gets to ask the interviewer question and we can expect honest attempts at answering the guests questions.

This has important implications for how government agencies need to be reformed, especially those involved in technical matters1. The Interview, Unedited


This is a critical Medium event.  It is of civilizational import.  It also points to what is terribly wrong with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality–and bureautyrannies across the board.  Again, as the legal trials develop and pass, I will be able to flesh this out in more detail.

Oh, this is going to so much fun. Please prepare by taking a looking at two articles of mine:

and, here…

Let’s pick it up from here, and let’s have a real conversation.

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