I will be developing this article further as situations in the numerous legal cases progress and permit.  One battle that I waged at Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality was over the proposition that “perception is reality.”  I argue that this is a bogus concept, but it may have some circumscribed utility for Ad men and other con artists.   My objecting to this as a feature of the agency culture was one of the contributory causes in my having plenty of time to be writing this.  Something about “insubordination” and, apparently maybe even worse, “bordering on insubordination” and the managers not wanting to hear all of that “philosophical” stuff.  Indeed, I see their point.

This is how far the American college and university systems have declined.  We have lost not only men and women who are roundly educated, we have lost individuals that can be fashioned by the events of life into ever more virtuous Citizens.  The endpoint of dubious, but aggressively metastatic, Gates Foundation propaganda as designed by its high-school graduate & panegyrist, winds up being a standardized, compliant, unthinking, cubicle dweller actuated, as mere muscle and glandular tissue are, by higher centers.  Even those higher centers quite a bit of the characteristics of the lower centers until the highness is high indeed.

The perception-is-reality notion is essential in both the education of such a workforce as it is in shaping, really better called, “injection molding,” the workers.  It is the first seductive act towards fuller grooming of the employee as both a master deceiver and as well as an uncritical acceptor and operative of a system of altered, local perceptions.  In the video below, Professor Victor Davis Hanson provides multiple tangential points to issues for state environmental agencies, not to mention the importance of thinking honestly, “The New Dark-age Mind,”


And here is a (perhaps) helpful comment:

Brilliant. I made the same argument about the “drought” and immigration into California. I gave this talk at a Water Ethics Conference in 2013. There were engineers and other Water Greenies there who wanted to dismantle all of the big concrete dams! But, they also were horrified that I suggested that immigration, legal and illegal, needed to be curtailed if we wanted to manage water and wastewater in the US. People scoffed that I was insane for thinking that the Mexicans controlled the rain clouds. Of course–even I am a bit more sophisticated than that straw man argument would suggest. But the mushrooming size of the population in California, my former home, pushes the State to the limits of the dynamic range of its natural features and its engineered structures. I submit to you as evidence exhibit number 1: the Oroville Dam Crisis. Further add to this two more things: (1) the predilection of State officials over most of my life span to divert monies from necessary upkeep of structures like dams (remember, entropy still “happens” even in California) to Social Justice Warrior, feel-good spending; and (2) the hesitancy to spill water from rapidly rising dams because of public perception about the eternal and apocalyptic nature of “The Drought,” not to mention the political utility of the perception of the same. Keep hammering them Prof. Hanson (and watch out for those Manhattan Institute fellows).
And here is another VDH podcast.  He is deliciously unleashed and, again, directs an incisively critical finger toward the entrenched and encouraged frauds that grew roots, no subsurface rhizoidal mats, during the effete days of Obama.






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