I use to think that I was being a good sport in accepting the unjust talk.  “Hey, Mister Peee-Aitch-Deee…”  It is, in fact, characteristic of male communication to be playfully teasing.  But male-male communication in an environment that is a mixed-sex environment of males and females is not male-male communication even if between two males, and if only males are present.  An interesting and relevant article id found here:


This is an excellent counterpoint to reflect upon.  What occurs in academia winds up appearing in government settings as a downstream phenomenon.  Both are loci for social engineers to experiment with introductions to societal systems in an effort to new fodder for natural-selective mechanisms to operate upon.  Most American governmental bureaucracies are in the senescent phase of their life cycles.  Were they private enterprises, they would have long since been out of business given the dearth of managerial talent and vaporous thinness of leadership expertise possessed by these organizations.  What prevents their collapse, of course, are the forced infusions of  billions of taxpayer dollars that maintain inverted pyramids of top-heavy managerial structures.  These managerial gravy trains operate for the selfish benefit of managers that would be desperately pressed to find work elsewhere in their prime, even when age and other factors are not considered.

[More to come…]




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