Please visit a description of what workplace mobbing is: A Complementary Introduction to Workplace Mobbing (Video).  Much of this site involves workplace mobbing, the conditions that create mobbing, and how mobbing fits into the larger picture of what is happening  in the world.

(5) [Posted 2/7/2018] Google, Once was Championed as A Paragon of Workplace Morality, Proves that Perception is NOT Reality

(4) [Posted 1/13/2018] Google’s Blacklist

(3) [Posted 1/12/2018]  Cracking the Wall of Lies: Damore Alleges Discrimination against White Males

(2) [Posted 1/10/2018]  James Damore was targeted for harassment by the organization called Google, which rewarded the harassers.

(1) [Posted 1/10/2018]  James Damore was Mobbed at Google.

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