I will be opening a news and opinion prompt that alerts people to the profound corruption scheme that investigators are alleging that the Clinton Foundation.  I remember attending a conference of the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators and seeing how in gaga participants were of the opportunity to visit the William J. Clinton Presidential Library, not with a sense of objective historical curiosity, but as if they were making a pilgrimage to a shine of a worship-worthy deity.   Okay, one would expect government bureaucrats to revere a Democrat-party President.  But should we be so expectant of this?  I will deal with this in another article about a different time, and a different state, and State, in America.


(17) [Posted 1/29/2018]  Another bend in America’s fabric of common virtues occurred with the rise of the Clintons to power.  It pervasively affected public organizations and eventually private life as well.

(16) [Posted 1/13/2018]  The Destruction of Another Whistleblower, Banker John Cruz formerly of HSBC, but at least he is alive.  Crooked Director Comey?  The Steinberg family dead.  Haiti-scandal Whistleblowing Surgeon Found Dead (Poetically?)  with a Knife in the Heart?  Clinton Library Builder, Richard Cousins & His Family Dead.  Clinton House Fire Destroys Records Following Subpoena…Folks, This is Supposed to be a Headline.  


(15) [Posted 1/13/2018]  JFK, Jr., murdered?  Father, Uncle, and the Son.  


(14) [Posted 1/12/2018]  The litany:


(13) [Posted 1/11/2018]  The illustrious quest for power.


(12) [Posted 1/11/2018]  This is in the “Could it be true category?”  Worth examining.


(11) [Posted 1/11/2018]  The number of suspicious deaths has only risen.


(10) More lite than heat:


(9) People turning on the Clintons:


(8) Things getting hotter than a fire in the Clinton bedroom (See item 5 below).


(7) How would you like to be investigating the Clintons while based in Arkansas?  Maybe it is getting easier.


(6) in case you are getting confused, here is one person’s Mind Map of the possible connections:


(5) [Posted 1/3/2017]  Oops, bad things just keep happening to the Clintons, just like with their friends:


Well, that was unfortunate.  We’re glad that everybody is safe.  On a minor note, we also hope they did not lose too much data in this fire.

(4) [Posted 1/2/2017]  Wow, funny–speaking of the Clinton Library–a perhaps only curious connection involving a plane crash and someone who helped build the Clinton Library in Little Rock:

I don’t know, like with Ron Brown, I would say that sometimes it is not healthy to fly if you are a friend of the Clintons.

(3) [Posted 1/2/2017]  Charles Ortel has researched and made public the nature of Clinton charity fraud: the scamming of enormous amounts of money by the Clintons behind the cover of being a charity.  The nation of Haiti is one example of people that it is alleged were used as “poster children” to defraud donors.

And more Ortel…

(2) [Posted 1/2/2017]  It is important look at the larger rat’s nest of Deep State activity, an apparently ongoing coup d’état of the American government, child-sex trafficking activity, the murder of Seth Rich and Globalism.

(1) [1/2/2017]  Following QAnon postings is helpful.  Here’s how:



(0) [1/14/2018]  A bit of ancient history: Hitchens and Buchanan on Bill Clinton for background, 1993.

(16) [Posted 1/13/2018] 

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