Though I am only recently familiarizing myself with the problems of the bitched investigation into the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, it appears, as in the case of the corrupted investigation of the death of his brother, President John F. Kennedy, another case of a government organization being unable to properly conduct scientific investigations, particularly when external, political forces are in play.

I began my interest in the topic of the unreliability of government agencies and the military regarding scientific and engineering investigations while serving as the Total Coliform Rule Coordinator for the Water Quality Division of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.  When a Director of the Water Quality Division indicated, in an address to the whole assembled Division and during an extended budgetary “scuffle” with the Oklahoma Legislature, that efforts will be sifted towards paperwork and away from personnel (essentially the agency engineers) providing technical assistance to the Drinking Water providers, I realized that something was seriously askew.  I cannot speak for personnel with whom I discussed my concerns following this event, but I was not alone in my understanding that the comment was understood to indicate a leveraging maneuver in retaliation to the Legislature’s attempts to control costs.

This becomes an important topic in subsequent events, a topic–and players–that appropriate authorities will have to investigate.  My interest will be to develop a general understanding and theory of government incompetence in technical matters, particularly where authority is military in actuality or in likeness and where there is not appropriate, independent technical oversight.

It is hoped that we will be able to develop programs for correction.  In the case of Oklahoma DEQ, situations are pointing towards the possibility that criminal activity is present.

In the long run, it is hoped that we will be able to contribute to theoretical and practical solutions to the problem of administrative incompetence and the untoward interference of improperly constituted hierarchical structures into matters that are of grave concern for public health, forensic investigation of crimes and assessment of environmental and climatic risks relevant to public policy.

After I approached the FBI and the began collaborating with the State of Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office under, then, AG Scott Pruitt and within two weeks of supplying the first portion of evidence for which the Grand Jury lawyer and AG Investigator on March 28, 2016, I was rapidly placed on three suspensions followed by a termination in August 2016.  This was the sad end to nearly nine years of service receiving very commendable reviews.

Could it be that Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality is a corrupt organization that employs disreputable tactics to manage its damage control?

Evidence, witnesses and chains of custody are always at the center of these cases.

Usually, there are employees and investigators of integrity.  Evidence from these Integrity Professionals and Integrity Workers is usually suppressed.

Please stay tuned.

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