The word, ‘kakos‘ (κακός),  is Greek for “bad.”  As it is usually transformed into an English term, kakistocracy, is rule by the bad.  The badness can be the result of incompetence (a frailty) and error (to which the incompetent are prone), or it can be a badness that results from evil, especially greed, lusts, pride, malice and other sins.

Kakistocracy goes beyond mediocracy, which is government by the average, the mediocre, those not gifted with great talents or excellences of character–systems that reward mediocrity in the leaders and the followers.

Particularly troublesome is when the source of a leader’s badness is not a lack of natural talents, let’s say for wielding power, making business decisions, or exercising technical skills–but rather when such a talented one is singularly deficient in moral character.  For in such a case, effective and efficient power is wed to evil.

One minor note, I used the singular form, ‘Medium’, in the title–not as is typically done–in the plural, ‘Media’.  Where it is not too awkward to do so, I try to emphasize the point that government, news, entertainment (the sports, Hollywood, TV, radio broadcasting, and musical branches), as well as the academia, are all sufficiently tethered from above by grants, laws, finance and boards of directorships.   Because of this fact, the Medium is one rather monolithic organization.  This Medium is sometimes referred to, with respect to its function in enforcing political correctness, as “The Cathedral.”

On January 17, 1961, in his Farwell Address, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of what he termed the military-industrial complex.   At about minute 7:00 in the following video, President Eisenhower begins that portion of the speech explicitly related to the establishment of permanent, military preparedness.  But, please if you can, try to listen to the whole speech, it is sober and wise.  He also warns, for instance, of the domination of the nation’s scholars by a scientific-technological elite and the corruption of our goals by “living only for today.”

As the nature of industry shifted from manufacturing (an economy of atoms) to information (electron-based for now) and semantics, propagandistic techniques as highlighted by Edward Bernays (United States) and Joseph Goebbels (Germany) developed rapidly right through the Twentieth Century.

Americans grew increasingly suspicious of the official Warren Commission account of the assassination of President Kennedy and the disjointed reporting on the War in Vietnam.

In 1998 address to the Commonwealth Club, radio host Michael Savage formulated a single term for that which many already suspected ruled our perceptions of the world: the government-media complex.

America long ago lost its institutions of investigative journalism.  The last place a whistleblower should consider going is to the local media or newspaper’s “investigative journalism reporters or chiefs.”  My bet is that they are bought-and-paid-for corrupt, or compromised, and serve as a filtration catch that sifts for potentially incriminating information and pipes it directly to the perpetrators at risk.  Beware of such “watchdog,” “whistleblower” and “investigative journalism” entities.  Nonetheless, I am sure there are many good ones.  Remember the principle of caveat emptor, let the buyer beware.

Whatever one thinks of the election of President Trump, his kinetic style of governing is producing some very interesting structural changes.

See: “#Trump’s #ExecutiveOrder Has #EricSchmidt and Other Evil #DeepState Swamp Dwellers Running for Cover,” Lionel Nation, Published on Dec 26, 2017

Google is an organ of government and one I have long been suspicious of.  Google’s Eric Schmidt (see what a difference a letter can make) bet that Hillary Clinton would win when he committed Google to employing algorithms that shaped the flow of information to interacting users of Google in order to favor Hillary’s hoped for victory.  Google is a beautiful example of the government-media complex. The “Global (Magnitsky) Human Rights Accountability Act” spells trouble for Schmidt and the allegedly corrupt Clinton Foundation–perhaps even Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook as well.  Here is the link to the Act from the Federal Register:

It is possible another brief reprieve in history’s long journey toward righteousness and citizen journalism and the office of citizenry, as a concept–and an ancient one at that–of self-governance and subsidiarity, is on its way.

Much of the rest of this website,, and some articles at, which deals with more literary and theoretical topics, will help you understand why and how kakistocracies develop, and what you can do to empower yourself–and with many virtuously engaged selves–can do to correct the problem.

By the way, I recommend that you visit:

You’ll be glad you did!



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