As with the NEWS ROLL: I will place these opinion items, articles and videos in most-recent-on-top order.

(4) [Posted 12/27/2017]  The ever-penetrating mind of Patrick J. Buchanan on what appears to be a corrupt FBI trying to bring down Trump, the candidate and the President

(3) [Posted 12/26/2017]  Beyond Left & Right: Managerial Tyranny

A study partner and I are examining, in considerable detail, James Burnham’s 1941 book, The Managerial Revolution: What Is Happening In the World?.  I came across this remark in an article written for National Review by Matthew Continetti, which I quote here: “The similarities between Hitler and Stalin inspired Burnham’s first book, The Managerial Revolution (1941). Its subtitle, in oracular prose, promised an explanation of “what is happening in the world.” What was happening, Burnham said, was the displacement of both capitalism and socialism by an authoritarian system of technocratic managers.”

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(2) [Posted 12/21/2017]  How bad can governments get?  And what is the larger (but not yet the biggest) picture of what the government is up to?


(1) [posted 12/15/2017]  Planned or not, Agenda 21 will benefit from the Santa Rosa fires.

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