In a most-recent-on-top ordering, I will be providing you with thematically important news for free citizens in union with responsible civil servants interested in restrained government that serves the people–not a growing Bureautyranny.


(16) [Posted 1/10/2018]  Judge dismisses the case against the Bundys.

(17) [Posted 1/3/2018]  I would not try to fly a plane through a political “Storm.”

(16) [Posted 1/2/2018]  The House Ways & Means Committee Recommends Criminal Charges for Lois Lerner, the Former Head of Tax-exempt Groups at the IRS, For Her Treatment of Conservative Groups Like the Tea Party.

(15) [Posted 12/26/2017]  IRS hiding files.  Is that like hiding income?

And a more detailed timeline here:

(14) [Posted 12/26/2017]  DOJ investigating the investigators for hiding evidence

(13) [Posted 12/25/2017]  But it could not happen here…

(12) [Posted 12/23/2017]  Ohio water employee indicted for falsifying Drinking Water Rules

(11) [Posted <or= 12/22/2017] Officials make plea deals and cooperate with investigators of the Flint situation:

(10) NSA Whistleblower: Tapping Trumps Trump and Your Freedom, and Apparently the Law in Some People’s Minds

(9) Anti-Mormon Bias, as perhaps displayed at Oklahoma DEQ?

(8) One year earlier, the filing of felony charges.

(7) [Posted 12/19/2017]  A true failure of the decision-making process by government bureaucrats.

(6) [Posted 12/18/2017]  Watching an unfolding water story in Pittsburgh: PWSA and Veolia.

(5) [Posted 12/18/2017] Mayor’s critical viewpoint ignored, with deadly consequences.  We need a new system of systematic governance and decision making.

(4) [Posted 12/17/2017] See how corruption works—until it doesn’t?

(3) [Posted 12/17/2017] Life can get very complicated during transitions: The EPA versus EPA

(2) [Posted 12/17/2017]  “Whistleblowers Line Up to Accuse Mueller of Lying to the Senate, Surveilling Trump”

(1) [posted 12/15/2017] Bad governance & poor management never goes easy on the taxpayer in the end.


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