Welcome to waterwhistleblower.org.  The carpenters, plumbers and painters are still busy, but I hope you will still find the developing site to be interesting and useful.  The teaser titles of upcoming articles are a story in themselves.

Please look at the Blog entries entitled “NEWS ROLL” and “OPINION ROLL.” These location will have news and opinion, respectively, about not only Drinking Water, Waste Water, Natural Waters and Regulations–but also reports and commentary on the broader contexts wherein these Water matters take on greater meaning.  Specifically, the awareness of a solidifying Bureautyranny and the still greater story of United Nations Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 and the sustainability* strategy.  Everyone wants good things to be sustainable.  But when common and useful words are employed for the purposes of propagandizing a particular agenda, especially those which are evolved in covert ways, we need to set off such words.  I will consistently do so in my writing with at least an asterisk.

Please look forward to a Live Streaming feature to be added, a call-in and text-based live-chat format where we can interact in real time.

On of the great blessings of my life is to have crossed paths with some exceedingly knowledgeable and interesting people, some even well-known.  An essential serve of this website will be to provide you with very engaging guests interlocuting with your ever-affable cogent host.

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