Story Starter:  “HJC says Donald Trump, Jr. was the victim of a an entrapment scheme by the Obama Department of Justice:

I believe that I was possibly the victim of entrapment schemes.  A good education for future civil servants, the kind we need so much, is to recognize these spike-filled, hidden pits.  The first thing though is to realize how amazingly corrupt and amoral the people are who operate many government agencies.  But they sure can “smile for the camera.”

Well, sometime those the malicious underestimate just how smert their would-be victims can be, especially if they have degrees is pestitology and know that 2 plus 2 equals one.  Move over Alfred north Whitehead and Bertrand Russell, I think there is a challenger to you Principia Mathematica here:

In the upcoming article we will expose some of the dirty little tricks that have been archived.  These come from either personal experience or from situations described by Faithful & Frank readers of  It is quite helpful that one’s enemies underestimate you.  Encourage them in this–but not too much.  See the associate article on Hull & Peter’s Principle of the Exfoliation of the Tails.

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