Item 1. The State of Wisconsin, during the Obama years, tried to treat conservatives as criminals.”&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiT0daaVpXWTJPVGcyTmpFMyIsInQiOiJiY2hLY0I0Rmt5K05RT3JneFpnTnowQ2toNUtZdHVnU1RJSU1OK0sxbkFLTmZCb2FsZ1wvVnBtbmgrWGJubTJOWWlzXC9tRlBCUmF6UFlOOXRMaWZNYjR5anBpSWlyU29mdGRPRVEzV0lVWnJDZUNCeEdZVGU2OUZxNjFzY2VmMVlrIn0%3D

Item 2. See (10) in “NEWS ROLL.”

Item 3. Excessive militarization mentality of the police:

Item 4. Heavily-armed Agency Police, Fake Personnel “Investigations,” Mobbing, and the Signs of Corrupt Government.  Here is an interesting Lionel Nation video:



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