My legal expenses, losses and debt liabilities fighting for you as an Integrity & Knowledge Professional, have soared above $100,000 and are now heading towards $200,000 quite rapidly.  It is not the public’s duty to make me whole in all regards–that is for my lawyer and myself to try and at least partially accomplish.  But my lawyer has patiently forgone payment for over a year and does need funds to keep his operation going.  He has provided excellent and diligent service to me and to this cause.  What is more, I need living expenses to help sustain this fight.

I have suffered more than monetary losses.  I have been defamed by this agency and some of its employees.  The meritless, vindictive assault has been brutal, as one might imagine that the agency will try to neutralize my work in exposing their wrongdoing.

This suite of legal cases that I am bringing against Oklahoma DEQ, and perhaps subsequent investigations by proper authorities, forms an apt expositional set along with that of the Flint Water Debacle and the parallel Michigan DEQ, some employees of which have had felony charges filed against them.

I have assumed great risks and losses over many years, to act as your civil servant protecting Drinking Water.  But I considered it my duty as a public official to press these cases.  I have lost everything and am in serious debt, at age 60, for my efforts.  I must, in justice, repay my debts.

When I worked for the Oklahoma DEQ, I developed a popular workshop for water system operators, plant & municipal administrators, as well as DEQ officials and other regulators themselves.  I always stressed the high regard in which I held the operators and other officials of water systems, they truly have some difficult jobs–such as on an icy night when a water main breaks.  It is also important to point out the extremely important role that citizens play in out government.  One thing which caused ill-feelings from DEQ managers was my assertion that it was the good of the public for which we worked–not the good of the agency.  I would add, now that I am viewing from a vantage outside the agency, that the role of DEQ employees is certainly not to serve the preferential padding of retirement packages for managers with such a tribal view of their loyalties defined by the agency–not the people of Oklahoma nor the American taxpayer, who via the EPA, distribute grants of Congressionally-approved funds.  At least this agency-centric view is how the situation was presented to me in an annual review and evaluation process.

So my loyalties were focused on the public and to the truth.  Interestingly, one need not fear that there is generally any separation between those two ends.  My actions were courageous in the face of a hostile managerial system.  In short, I was a knowledge and integrity professional.  As I will develop in my articles on the assassination and coup d’état John F. Kennedy–and its subsequent cover up–it is the knowledge and integrity professional that comes under particular fire.

It is the knowledge and integrity professional who ensures that you are being served with the best government.  By helping the women and men such as myself in these spot actions, you are waging the war against bad management, laziness, incompetence, salary theft, grifting, fraud and corruption in all levels of government.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  This is your opportunity to really make a difference.  Many are complainers, but then sooth their discomfit with idle distractions.  But the fact that you have visited this site and read this far suggests that you are a doer, an actor–an ally in snake of Bureautyranny that threatens to strangle your freedoms and choices to act with nobility, virtue and honor.

Here is the information from the CONTACT & DONATION page that will completely equip you to make a donation to this cause.  To donate via PayPal, please use 

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